If you want to run your studio as a business then a professional cloud system is invaluable.

Our Artfundi software allows you to manage your own output, saves you time, and provides beautifiully pre-formatted templates, with your branding, just the way galleries and museums expect to see your artwork info, certificates, invoices, etc.

Your Artfundi system helps you:



Catalogue entire inventory in the cloud, both available works and a history of sold pieces. Share easily and smartly. Keep a complete record of your whole history. Link to each artwork prices works sold at, provenance and exhibition histories. 



Easy to use CRM helps you keep detailed lists of gallery, museum and client contacts, and pre-programmed calls and follow-ups. Build relationships and never miss an opportunity.



Sell more through your instant software-integrated website, and by providing your galleries or clients with perfectly formatted information, images, project and artworks catalogues.



Send your artworks to exhibitions with professional consignments, keep track of where they are and when they're due back, the terms of your various agreements and the commissions agreed. 



Create exhibitions and publications on your website; create wall cards, price lists, info sheets, and certificates of authenticity.



Learn what's working best for you. Run reports on specific projects, shows and fairs; create condition reports, sales reports, etc. Refer to the Artfundi website for 'How-to' videos, online courses and publications aimed at helping you succeed faster.



Latest Insights

The latest insights about this software.

How to start the journey of being a professional artist.

How to start the journey of being a professional artist.

Studios, Pricing, Artfundi Pro, Artfundi Legacy, Websites
About art, Art Market, Artist Support, Art Advisors
25 Jan 2021

Being an artist is a beautiful creative gift that allows your imagination to translate into artwork. Countless times the creative process starts as a "hobby" then it transforms into something an artist can monetize.   

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How art inventory software fits into the ‘New’ normal.

How art inventory software fits into the ‘New’ normal.

Galleries, Studios, Fairs, Collections, Pricing, Artfundi Pro, Artfundi Legacy, Websites
About art, Collecting, Auctions, Art Fairs, Art Market, Artist Support, Gallery Support, Art Advisors
10 Dec 2020

The world shifts and turns and it is evident that change is unpredictable. We woke up to new ways of doing things and that includes art. The COVID pandemic has truly forced us to unlearn, restructure, relook at how we do things, and manage our businesses. A lot of us are in a new wave of trying to find a balance between the online space and merging it with the physical art spaces. This is no easy task especially when we realise at this point how technology is growing in every business sector. Having a built-in software for a business that can connect with an online audience is essential.  

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