Artfundi Pro – Gallery Management Software

30 Oct 2018

Artfundi Pro is a world-class gallery management software designed and developed by art world professionals to make your life easier.


Created by art world professionals and coding experts to manage every aspect of the modern gallery. Inventory management to invoicing, to an integrated database-website system totally controlled by you, developed in Cape Town to meet African gallery requirements.

Artfundi Pro represents the affordable alternative to expensive international software packages with the significant added benefits of local, personal support, and Rand-denominated pricing.


Artfundi Software is designed to make your life easier, get you organised quickly, and have you looking professional at the push of a button. Input information once, and the rest is click-instant. Everything you need to create is ready for you, perfectly formatted, every time, just select, press go, and use.

The Artfundi system offers a seamless back and front-end combination of database and showcase all hosted in the cloud (which can be either a public website, or private intranet site, which your staff and guests can access.)

It becomes your all-in-one repository of your business or collection history; it offers multiple levels of links that elevate research; and optimises SEO functionality.

Artfundi offers each client a self-standing system, which means higher security, better stability, and flexibility that allows advanced customisations to suit specific client needs.


Artfundi Software meets the needs of expanding South African gallery businesses which needed to operate at world-class levels, share business best-practice, align multiple teams in SA and abroad, and store information and history in one place.

It has been developed to meet the range of real-life art-world needs, from small to more complex galleries in the broader art market.

It is supported by a passionate global team based in three cities on two continents determined to help our clients from all over the world succeed on the global stage.


If we can be of assistance to your creative business or you would enjoy a free live demo of the software please do not hesitate to contact us.

Emilio Ferreira (Customer Success Fundi) emilio@artfundi.com
Matt Miller (Brand Fundi) matt@artfundi.com
Tamzin Lovell (Chief Fundi) tamzin@artfundi.com

Cape Town Office: +27 21 300 0849



Artfundi Pro – Gallery Management Software