What is Artfundi?

11 Nov 2019

Artfundi is the best art management software for collectors, galleries and artists in Africa, who want to professionally and affordably manage all aspects of their art collection or business. 

Artfundi was born in Africa’s tech startup hub, Cape Town, from within the art world. The company’s passionate team is based in three cities on two continents, and determined to help clients succeed on a global stage. 

What does Artfundi mean?

A fundi refers to an expert/ guru in a particular area as well as an enthusiast. Tech companies build things all the time for industries they are not familiar with, but we know that deep knowledge makes all the difference.

Why was Artfundi created?

The first generation of the software was developed in 2011 as a bespoke proprietary gallery system, for Tamzin Lovell, the founder and CEO of Artfundi who was at that stage a gallery owner. Tired of slow processes and information in different places, Tamzin decided that she needed to have a single system that could effectively cater to all her gallery’s needs. She researched and could not find a system that would fulfil their needs without being at the mercy of stronger world currencies which could be a financial risk.

Having a scientific and data background prior to opening her gallery, she decided to create her own system with a fully integrated front and backend. Something which all staff members could access from anywhere, and would nullify the cost and time of a designer every time they needed to update their website.

“Until we had it, I could not have imagined just how much of a difference it would make. It was equivalent to having another operon on the team.” Tamzin Lovell

Artfundi Evolution

The software had been created for ‘Lovell Gallery’ in Cape Town, and was helping Tamzin and her team tremendously in every way she had hoped. Her gallery was now able to create beautifully pre-formatted wall cards, artist/ artwork descriptions, quotes and invoices, all at the click of a button and thus no longer had to worry about human error in her gallery in terms of the format of her outputs. The Lovell Gallery staff also had a much easier time at work, as they only had to input data once and never had to worry about the loss of that data.

In 2014 Tamzin started another gallery, Sulger-Buel Lovell, with a business partner in London. This new gallery utilised the system as well, and it proved invaluable to the cross-contintental business. In 2017 the partnership ended, seeing Christian Sulger-Buel continue the gallery, and Tamzin Lovell pursue the software system as a business.

During her eight years as a gallerists Tamzin came to realise that the challenges she had been facing while trying to make a success of her gallery were common among galleries in Africa as a whole. If her system could help her gallery then it could possibly help many more.  

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”Vincent van Gogh

The Artfundi gallery management system came to market in March 2018.

“The response has been fantastic, and I am so looking forward to being part of developing this incredibly exciting art market”Tamzin Lovell

What is Artfundi?